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RMIRECC Short Takes on Suicide Prevention

Rocky Mountain MIRECC for Suicide Prevention has started a serial podcast called Short Takes on Suicide Prevention. We interview leaders in the field of suicide prevention in an attempt to make their research accessible to everyone.

Jun 21, 2017

Meet Matt (human) and James (canine), who became friends through shared service - and maybe a little bit of fate. When Matt returned home to the States, after a stay at Walter Reed, he joined Warrior Canine Connection only reluctantly. In this interview, Matt shares his experience working through to the other side of TBI and PTSD, and the role James plays. As both a trainer, helping to prepare canines to work with other warriors, and having been paired with a canine of his own, Matt offers a unique and personal perspective about re-connecting to others and to self. Sometimes, the nudge to reengage and potentially to participate fully in further treatment may come from an unexpected source like a cold, wet (non-human) nose. Please join us for this podcast as Matt eloquently describes his friendship and work with James, and how Love Heals.