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Hosted by a team of experts, Short Takes on Suicide Prevention breaks down the science behind preventing suicide, developing treatments that work and saving lives. Produced by the VA Rocky Mountain Mental Illness Research Education and Clinical Center (MIRECC) for Veteran Suicide Prevention, this podcast is featured in the VA Podcast Network. The Department of Veterans Affairs does not endorse or officially sanction any entities that may be discussed in this podcast, nor any media, products or services they may provide.

Dec 31, 2019

We participated in this Short Take as a follow-up to our panel at the 2019 VA/DoD Suicide Prevention Conference titled, "Bouts with Burnout: Managing Work-related Stress Across the Suicide Prevention Field." We were honored to have so many engaged attendees and wanted to offer an opportunity for folks who could not attend to learn more about our panel. Our team included Monireh Moghadam, LCSW, who presented lessons learned and prevention approaches for clinicians and suicide prevention coordinators. Aaron Barrow (Peer Support Specialists) who talked about his experiences with being Veterans in recovery and working with suicidal Veterans. Jason Chen, PhD presented on the development and application of a model for wellness among research staff. Kyla Tompkins, MA, reviewed an applied example of implementing burnout prevention programming as a non-clinician.